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“Our level of teachability is the ultimate level of our growth.”

One of the things that I have noticed about the best leaders that I have been around is that they are life-long learners. They never seem to think that they know enough. They are always reading, listening, and educating themselves.

Knowledge is power. Knowing how to use and apply that knowledge is wisdom. There has never been a better time to be a leader. There are resources available today that leaders in previous generations would have loved to have.

While reading, listening to podcasts, and going to conferences are all excellent ways to improve ourselves, they never replace the importance of allowing someone to have input into our lives. Having a mentor, coach, or just a good friend who is a little further down the road than we are is vital. Who are you allowing to help you go to the next level?

Let’s take advantage of every opportunity to get better. Let’s take advantage of every opportunity to stretch ourselves. Our people deserve the best leadership that we can give them!

What are you doing to develop your leadership skills?

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