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New Testament Snapshots is a fascinating look at eleven of the people in the New Testament who you have always wished you knew a little more about. These individuals are often hidden in the backgrounds of the various stories but they all have something to say to us today. Just as every picture on your phone or in your photo album has a story, so these people all have a story to tell us.

New Testament Snapshots is perfect for personal or group Bible study. It is out just in time for Christmas and would be perfect that special someone on your Christmas list! Click on the link above and check it out.


One of my great passions in life is to help people become the best leaders that they can be. My book Leading into the 21st Century…and Beyond! 2.0 is designed to take you to the next level in your leadership. It is motivational and instructional. It covers so many areas of leadership, management, supervision, personal development, and so much more.

This is the newest edition of Leading into the 21st Century…and Beyond, thus the 2.0 designation. The book was originally published in 2012. This revised edition contains many new chapters and some great, fresh content that will help you grow in so many ways.

Leading into the 21st Century…and Beyond! 2.0 is only available as an ebook. Releasing it as an ebook though Amazon allows us to keep the price down so everybody can afford it. Click on the link and check it out!


Reflections on the Resurrection is a powerful book, reminding us why the resurrection of Jesus is the most important event in history. The resurrection was the central message of the early church. Why have we gotten away from preaching the resurrection today? Reflections on the Resurrection is designed to be devotional, educational, and apologetic. It is perfect for an individual or a group Bible study!


Street Cop Street Cop is the exciting story of my almost 30 year career in Law Enforcement. I joined the Gwinnett County Police Department in 1984. I had just turned 21 years old. This fast moving narrative takes you inside the squad car with me as I patrolled some of the most dangerous areas and neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta. If you like the TV show Cops, you will love Street Cop. Get ready for our tour of duty. Strap into the passenger seat of my police car and enjoy the car chases, foot chases, fights, murder investigations, and other assorted crazy calls. You are about to see first-hand what it is really like on America’s mean streets. streetcopIIcoverStreet Cop II: Reloaded Street Cop II: Reloaded picks right up where Street Cop left off. You can’t get any closer to the action unless you go through the Police Academy! I will let you ride shotgun with me as I goes through my shift in one of America’s biggest cities. You will see what Driving Under the Influence really means. What would you do if you were surrounded by an angry mob of drunks determined not to let you arrest their friend? Come inside our briefing as Tactical Officers and Vice Detectives plan a raid on three brothels at the same time. What really happens inside the crime scene tape at a Homicide scene? What would you do if a six foot alligator got loose in your neighborhood? How will you react when the dangerous suspect tells you, “I’m not going back to jail?” If you like the TV show Cops, you are going to love Street Cop II: Reloaded. Strap in and let’s go for a ride!




Miracles in Mark This book examines every miracle and supernatural encounter contained in Mark’s Gospel. The format is excellent for personal or group Bible study. Mark contains more miracles than the other three Gospels. In fact, nearly a third of Mark’s book is composed of miracles or supernatural phenomena. The miracles of Jesus are as profoundly important for us today as they were for those who experienced them. Miracles in Mark will guide readers in finding insights for their own lives.




Peter and Paul in Acts The Acts of the Apostles is one of the most exciting books ever written. It covers the first thirty years of the Early Church. The two main personalities that Luke focused were the Apostles Peter and Paul. These men were very different yet they both were remarkable leaders and were responsible for the growth of the Church and the spread of Christianity throughout the ancient world. Peter and Paul in Acts focuses on how these two apostles planted churches, performed miracles, and evangelized both inside and outside the Synagogue. This is an ideal study companion for someone who wants to learn more about early Christianity, as well as how to be more effective in their ministry today.

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