A New Look at the Christmas Story?

I wonder what the Christmas Story would look like if you or I were writing it today? I think that the first thing that I would do is change the cast of characters. What a screwed up group of people! 1. A pregnant, unmarried, teenage girl. While this is fairly common today, there is still

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Avoiding a Blue Christmas!

It is no surprise that what should be the most joyous and happy season, is just the opposite for so many people. Many experience serious anxiety and depression during the Christmas Season. One study showed that over twenty percent of all Americans experienced depression during the Christmas Holidays. Anxiety and depression can be triggered by many

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Why is there a Star on Top of My Christmas Tree?

There are many different toppers that people put on the top of their Christmas trees. By far, however, the most popular is the traditional star. In many cases, these stars have a light inside them and shine brightly, complementing the other lights on the tree. While many people display a star on their Christmas tree,

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The Power of Momentum

  “When you have momentum you can do anything, so do anything you can to get momentum.” Adam Smallcombe, Pastor of Vive Church “Consistency leads to momentum.” Momentum is a great buzzword if you are trying to grow a business, plant a church, or start a new habit. Momentum is what we all are trying

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