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Who are We?

Dr. David Spell has served in many different church leadership roles. He has been an Executive Pastor, an Associate Pastor, a Church Planter, a Youth Pastor, a Worship Leader, and a Small Group Leader. David also spent over ten years in the classroom teaching Biblical Studies, Theology, and Leadership at the C3 School of Ministry in Atlanta, Georgia.

David and his wife, Annie, have served as missionaries in Ghana, West Africa and most recently in Brazil from 2012-2017. They have also been a part of short-term ministry work in many other nations. David has authored seven books and has a Ph.D in Theology as well as a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management and Development.

While serving in various capacities in the local church, David was also a full-time police officer. He retired as a lieutenant in 2011 after an almost thirty year career. During his last several years as a police officer, Lt. David was an adjunct instructor at the police academy where he taught Supervision, Management, and Inter-personal Communications. He led several high-profile units within the police department.

David has coached pastors and leaders from all over the world, in person and via Skype. As a consultant, David specializes in helping small to medium size churches go to the next level. As a communicator, David is known for his powerful preaching and entertaining teaching. His school of ministry students still tell him that he was their favorite teacher!

How Can We Serve You?


Every world class athlete has a coach. World class leaders need coaches, too. How could having a personal coach help you? Many pastors, especially those in small to medium-sized churches, do not have anyone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, or to ask advice from. By developing a personal relationship with the pastor, we become a sounding board, a mentor, and a coach. We want to be your friend in ministry and in life!

One-on-One Coaching via Skype or FaceTime– This one hour session with David is designed to help you succeed! We will communicate ahead of time by email about specific areas that you want to talk about. I will help you create a strategy to address these areas and make the very best decision possible.

Price– Single session- $75 or a three-session package for $200.


As David often says, “Small adjustments to our course can lead to big changes in our results.” Most churches just need small adjustments to help them break through barriers and go to the next level. It might be something as simple as implementing a new system or tweaking an existing one. We do not have a “one size fits all” mentality in our approach to consulting. Every church is unique and has it own set of needs. Let’s talk about how we can help your church get better!

On-site consultation and ministry package– David will spend three days at your church meeting with the pastor and key team members to discuss vision, strategy, and goals. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your church and provide the pastor with a written plan that is simple and immediately actionable. If desired, David will preach in your Sunday services and be available for leadership training for your staff and volunteers.

Price– $1500 plus travel expenses, lodging, meals, and if applicable, a rental car.

Preaching and Teaching

David is a powerful communicator and has preached and taught all over the world. He is a regular keynote speaker for conferences, a guest speaker in many different churches, and a teacher in the classroom. He will work with your team to customize exactly the message that your church, conference or group needs. David has also taught on many different aspects of leadership in corporate environments. Many churches like to have David come and preach on a Sunday and then do some leadership training for their team during the week. How can we serve your church or group?

Contact us for availability and details!

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