Brazil, Here We Come- Part 2

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Pastor Dean introduced us and explained what C3 was. He gave them the history of the movement and told the pastors why were there. We weren’t selling anything and weren’t asking for anything. Our goal was to make friends, develop some connections and serve them.

I did a teaching session on “Finishing the Race,” and then we broke for lunch. Robson set it up for a nearby restaurant and C3 footed the bill. This luncheon provided a time for questions, discussion, and the start of a few key relationships.

After lunch, Pastor Kim taught on “Time Management and Organization for the Pastor.” Pastor Dean came back up and did some Q & A for about an hour. Pastor Vincent closed the day out by doing a ministry session. We laid hands on every pastor that wanted prayer.

At the end of the day, many of these guys were ready to sign on the dotted line. Pastor Dean told them, though, that we were in no rush. They really didn’t know us yet and we didn’t know them. They all laughed when he said you don’t get married after the first date! To Be Continued…

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