Brazil, Here We Come- Part 4

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It was clear to the whole team that God has opened the door for C3 to work in Brazil and that the timing is right. We kept hearing pastors say the same thing all week, “This is what we have been praying for. This is exactly what the church here needs.”

Brazil has, in many ways, been in an ongoing revival for the last 20-25 years. Even most of the traditional, denominational churches are Spirit filled, with a strong emphasis on the charismatic experience. I preached in a Baptist church one of the nights that we were there. It was Baptist in name only. The worship was free and we had a powerful ministry time at the end. Pastor Paolo told me that the Holy Spirit had invaded His church several years earlier and they would never go back to dead religion.

One pastor told us, “We have been splashing around in the wave pool for years now. We are having fun but aren’t going anywhere. It is time for the church in Brazil to move into the olympic pool. We need some structure and clear direction. It sounds like that is what C3 can bring us.”

We live in exciting times. It is a thrill to be a part of what God is doing in the earth. With the 2020 Vision looming before us, I get the feeling that God is going to provide incredible, life changing opportunities for those who are willing to serve and who will go when He says, “Go!”

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