Brazil Update- Friends in Town!

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Jake Sweetman, me, Ronald Berg, and Joe Primm
Jake Sweetman, me, Ronald Berg, and Joe Primm

Annie and I always love it when friends come visit us in Brazil. This past week, we were so fortunate to have two great friends in town. Jake Sweetman and Joe Primm were in Curitiba for very different reasons but we had a great time with both of them.

marcosjoeronaldJoe and Laura Primm are dear friends of ours from C3 Church Atlanta. They are incredible leaders in the church there and serve on so many levels. Joe is a manager for EMC, an international company that, thankfully for us, has several offices in Brazil, including Curitiba. He is usually in Brazil once or twice a year.

On this trip, Joe started by spending several days working in Sao Paul. He then flew to Curitiba and worked for several more days. Rather than jumping on a plane after his business was done, though, and flying home to his beautiful wife, Joe spent another three days with Annie and I. He is such an encouraging friend and we had a great time catching up on each other’s lives and families.

Joe is also very interested in what is going on at C3 Church Curitiba. He has such a heart for people and has connected with so many of our friends here. People are amazed that after spending a week in Brazil working, instead of immediately flying back home to Laura, he loves to hang over for a couple of days so he can go to C3 Church Curitiba. Joe is also a great writer and speaker. If you have never read his blog, check it out here.

Jake Sweetman is the campus pastor at C3 Church Silverlake, in Los Angeles. He was instrumental in helping plant C3 North Hollywood and served there as the worship leader and wherever else he was needed for about seven years. In January of 2013, he and his lovely wife, Nicole, were asked to plant a new campus across town in Silverlake. 

They are building a great church there and we were so fortunate to have him visit us in Curitiba. Jake preached in our regular

Jake Sweetman
Jake Sweetman

Sunday night service. It was a relaunch night of sorts. We had just upgraded our lights and sound system and were celebrating the church’s third birthday. Jake brought an incredible message to the church and we saw four people come to Christ.

We also had set up two special leader’s meetings that Jake spoke at. He really challenged us in the area of discipleship and outreach. His teaching on evangelism was right on. “Evangelism is friendship with intention.” We are always looking to build friendships with those that God has placed around us. It is through real, genuine friendship that we can have the greatest impact in other people’s lives.

This is such an important thing for all of us to work on. This past Sunday, a young couple that Annie and I have become friends with at the gym showed up at church. I had invited them to come and hear Jake. They appreciated the invite, really enjoyed the service, and were impacted by Jake’s message. Let’s never underestimate the power of making friends!

Would you consider being a part of our team as we serve the Lord in Brazil? Here is the link. Obrigado! (Thank you!)


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