The Power of Momentum

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“When you have momentum you can do anything, so do anything you can to get momentum.” Adam Smallcombe, Pastor of Vive Church

“Consistency leads to momentum.”

Momentum is a great buzzword if you are trying to grow a business, plant a church, or start a new habit. Momentum is what we all are trying to create. When the wheels are not turning, there is never going to be any progress. When the wheels start moving, though, we are going to see some things happen.

So, what is the key to creating momentum? Consistency is what will finally get the wheels rolling. Putting one foot in front of another and then repeating the process over and over is what allows us to walk a mile. Those small steps will eventually create momentum as long as we are consistent.

If you want to lose weight, going to the gym once a week is not going to be enough. You are going to need to consistently workout at least three or four times a week. If you are consistent, however, you will eventually begin to see results and will have the momentum to keep exercising. If you are trying to get out of debt, just paying the minimum on those maxed out credit cards is not going to help you. You are going have to consistently start attacking that debt, month after month. If you focus on paying off one bill over the next six to twelve months, you will start to get the momentum to make that mountain of debt disappear.

Sometimes it takes a big push to get that initial momentum. This might mean you have to take some drastic measures at the beginning. You might need to hire a personal trainer for a few months to help you get moving towards your fitness goals. You might need to talk to a financial counselor to get you on-track for getting out of debt.

If you are trying to build momentum in your church, business, or organization, the principles are the same. Andy Stanley defines momentum as, “Forward motion fueled by a series of wins.” What will that look like in your organization? What wins can you build on? It might mean starting a small group program in your church. Maybe it is time to start an outreach to your community. It might mean restructuring your business to free up some cash. Releasing that new product you were not sure about might be the trigger for creating momentum in your company.

The bottom line to creating momentum, however, is that we need to do something. If we do nothing, we are going to stay where we are, individually or as an organization. It may take a big push to get the wheels rolling, but once we are moving we have the opportunity to experience the positive changes that we have dreamed about.

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