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“For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” (John 1:17)

“The church is in desperate need of a way to express the grace of the gospel and the demand of the gospel in a way that enhances both without canceling either.” Rankin Wilbourne

The Church and the Christians who make it up are called to express both the grace and the truth of God. Sadly, we often get the order wrong and share truth before grace. God’s grace is what prepares people to receive God’s truth. Truth before grace usually does more harm than good.

In some Christian circles, the other extreme is embraced. All grace and no truth. This is very dangerous as well. Grace without truth makes people feel good about themselves but keeps them from the truth that changes and sets them free. It is understanding and then applying God’s eternal truths that transform us and allow us to become genuine Christian disciples.

The Gospel is both beautiful and offensive at the same time. God’s grace is a beautiful thing but his truth can offensive to those who don’t know him. The standards of Scripture stand in stark contrast to the standards of the world around us. Grace and truth together, however, are a beautiful package. They were how Jesus operated when he lived among us and how his Spirit still operates today.

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