How is Your Vision?

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Photo by Roger Kidd

“Leaders see what others do not.”

What is it about leaders that sets them apart from other people? There are probably several things, but one important attribute is that of vision, their ability to see further and to see more clearly than those around them. Good leaders are often described as “Visionary Leaders.” This is not just referring to their ability to see where the organization is going or being able to predict future trends. What is it that leaders see?

1. Leaders can see the Big Picture. This may seem obvious but there has to be someone who understands the macro picture. This also can apply to leaders at various levels within the organization. A department head needs to see the big picture for their department. A shift supervisor needs to see the big picture for their shift. Knowing where and how they fit into the organization is vital if they are going to accomplish their mission.

2. Leaders see problems before they develop. Successful leadership avoids potential problems. We can always learn from our mistakes and good leaders understand that mistakes are going to occur. At the same time, they take steps to prevent big mistakes from happening. Proverbs says that, “A prudent person forsees danger and takes precautions.” The most effective leaders will steer their team around potential minefields rather than plowing through and hoping that they don’t get blown up.

3. Leaders see ability in others and know how to help them reach it. The best leaders are those that are actively developing other leaders. They are constantly seeking to reproduce themselves. They are secure and not intimidated by other strong leaders. Effective leaders are constantly mining for gold in those around them. They provide potential leaders with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop their own leadership skills.

How far can you see?

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