Little Distractions or Big Dreams?

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Ladder to Heaven

“Don’t be on your deathbed someday, having squandered your one chance at life, full of regret because you pursued little distractions instead of big dreams.” Derek Stivers

Life is full of these “little distractions” that keep us from following our dreams. There are many days that I find myself forgetting about my Big Dream. I’m too busy doing other stuff that one has to do to survive: working, answering e-mails, paying bills, getting the oil changed in the car, returning phone calls. What was that Big Dream that I used to have?

What about you? Only you know what your Big Dream is. It is that thing that you would love to do, if it weren’t for all the little distractions. I think that managing our distractions is a part of life. It is a natural tension brought on by doing what we have to do versus what we really want to be doing.

So what is the answer? Here is a suggestion that has helped me. Why don’t you commit to doing something everyday that is going to take you a little closer to your Dream? It might mean reading a book about starting a business. It might mean taking one college course at a time on-line. It might mean getting a second job to make the extra money you are going to need to purchase that house you want. It is never too late to pursue your Big Dream. But you do have to start.

What is one thing that you can do today to take you a little closer to where you want to be? Who knows, you might just wake up one day and see that your Big Dream is much closer than you thought!

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