Making the Message Easy to Understand

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“The seed that fell on the hard path represents those who hear the Good News about the Kingdom and don’t understand it. Then the evil one comes and snatches the seed away from their hearts.”

Why is it that some people don’t understand our message about the Kingdom? In some cases, it is becase their hearts might be hard and not ready to receive the message. Could it also be that, sometimes, those of us who preach and teach the message of the Kingdom, don’t present it in a way that is easy to understand? Maybe we assume that people know more than they do and maybe we create more questions than we answer? Maybe we are discussing, teaching, or preaching about issues that the listener is not concerned about?

I love reading, studying, teaching, and preaching theological truths. When I look at Jesus, though, He almost always communicated deep spiritual truths in simple, easty-to-understand terms. He used stories and illustrations from every day life to communicate amazing ideas about the Kingdom of God and our lives. If we follow His example, we will become better communicators that inspire and bring understanding rather than confusion.

People relate to stories more than they relate to our three points. It is not that having three points is bad, it just seems that the three points are more effective if they are wrapped in really good stories. May we all continue to work hard to make our message easy to understand!

Who are some preachers, teachers, pastors, or other communicators that have inspired and impacted your life?

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