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My Favorite Place

May 17, 2021


“For your people love every stone in her walls and show favor even to the dust in her streets.” (Psalms 102: 14)

We all have places that we love. Some people love the beach. For those folks, playing in the waves, laying on the warm sand, or taking an evening stroll with a loved one on the beach are great experiences.

Others love the mountains. They love to drive up in the fall and look at the panorama of changing colors. Some people love to hike up mountain trails, imagining that they are exploring some new and uncharted land.

Some people enjoy living in the city. Others enjoy living in the country. We all have those places that are dear to us.

One place that we should all passionately love, though, is the House of God. Church should be on the same level with our love for our other favorite places. Just as the writer of this Psalm was in love with the city of God, Jerusalem, we should love the new city of God, the Church.

Just as Jerusalem was the place where God’s presence dwelt, so the Church is the place where we can encounter His Presence today. Sadly, most Christians treat church as an obligation or a chore rather than a place where they love to be. They go because they know that they are supposed to but if they had their choice, they would much rather be somewhere else. May we all fall in love with Jesus and His Bride in a new way!

What would it take for you to fall in love with the House of God?

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