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As you officially get started doing your Christmas shopping don’t forget to check out this, and all of my other great books. Get them something different this year. Just click on the “Books” button above to access all of my books! Happy shopping!

I’m always excited when I get to release a new book! It is such a big job writing a fun story, and then revising, editing, and revising it some more (with a lot of help from my wonderful wife). After a little more revising and editing, I work on formatting it and getting my cover designed. After all of that, I get to click the “Publish” button and watch it go live and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

A Violation of Conscience is the fourth book in my Chuck McCain series. This exciting series follows Chuck and his team as they battle terrorists in the Unites States and abroad. A Violation of Conscience tackles home grown white supremacists with plenty of surprises along the way. Click on the link to read a free sample. After you get hooked, hit the “Buy” button to grab your paperback copy or ebook version. It is also available in the Kindle Unlimited library. The photo above lets you see both the front and rear covers so you can get a better feel for the book’s plot.

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed meeting Chuck, Scotty, Andy, Hollywood, Jimmy, Beth, and all the other great characters. And if you live local and order a paperback copy, I’d love to sign it for you! Thanks for your support!




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