The Dilemma of Intimacy

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“It’s an amazing dilemma we have as human beings: We long to be close, but we also fear being close. We long to have intimacy with others, but we’re also scared to death of it.” Rick Warren

I was talking to someone recently who said, “I’m a Christian but I don’t need the Church.” Sadly, this is not an uncommon way of thinking. It is, however, completely contrary to what the New Testament teaches. Since Jesus ascended to Heaven, true Christianity has been meant to be lived in the context of community. There is no other option. Remember, the Church is called, “the Body of Christ.”

I understand those who feel that they don’t need the Church. My personality is such that I enjoy being by myself. I like quiet and peaceful. At the same time, though, I have learned the value of being connected with other people. Christian community is a powerful source of encouragement and strength in a society and culture that is becoming more vocal in their anti-Christian rhetoric.

And within a great local church, small groups provide the primary setting in which to build connections and friendships. Small groups are the place in which we can be vulnerable and transparent with other people. While vulnerability terrifies us, it is also the place where we find healing and encouragement. Within a connect group, we often build friendships that make our lives richer and fuller.

Maybe instead of being scared of intimacy and vulnerability we should look for ways to embrace them. Are you in a community where you can be transparent? Do you have people who you trust enough to be vulnerable with?

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