The Little Things

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“Habits beat interventions every time.” Seth Godin

When I was in college, I was not a very good student. Rather than studying consistently throughout the semester, I found myself cramming for hours on the night before a big exam. It was like a badge of honor to pull an “all-nighter” in college. And, of course, my grades reflected my lack of studying consistently.

We have probably all tried the crash diet or the crazy exercise program. How many times have you realized in May that Summer was coming and you needed to lose a few pounds to look good in your bathing suit? Rather than exercising consistently and eating healthy all year long, we go to one of the quick weight loss places. If only it were as easy as just taking a pill!

I wonder how much easier my life would have been and how much better my grades would have been if I had had better study habits back then? How many people’s lives would be bette today if they had better habits in their lives? How much healthier would people be if they exercised consistently and had better eating habits all the time instead of trying every crazy diet that comes out?

Most of the time in life, our success or failure is not based on one or two big decisions. Instead, our lives are the sum total of all the small decisions we make everyday, good or bad. This why our habits are so important. If you need help creating some new habits or even in breaking some bad ones, you might want to check this book out. It is the best thing that I have read on the subject: The Power of Habit.It really helped me and I bet it would help you, too!

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