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“What is the number one catalyst for change? It’s action. Understanding may be able to change minds, but action changes lives. If you take action, it will change your life.” John Maxwell- Intentional Living

I can sit on my couch and talk about getting fit. I can read some articles on the internet about exercise and diet. Until I put the bag of chips down, however, and go to the gym or start walking around my neighborhood everyday, nothing is going to change. I have to take action.

It is action that is going to help me to drop a few pounds and to start feeling good about myself again. The old saying, “Talk is cheap,” is so true. Words are important but our actions are what set us up for success.

The same is true in the area of finances. I can read about getting out of debt. I can go to a class or a seminar and listen to some great financial principles. Until I change my spending habits, though, my mountain of debt is not going to go away. Action is what is going to allow me start paying down the debt and find financial freedom.

This applies to every area of our lives. Change happens when we take action. What is one action step that you could take today to create positive change in your life?

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