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Tips for Choosing a Gym

Sep 7, 2020


There are several factors that need to be considered when buying a gym membership. Selecting a place to workout is a big decision. It is a financial investment but it is also a place in which the user is going to be spending several hours a week. By having a check list of what is important, the individual will have a much easier time picking the fitness club that is going to fit them the best.

1. Location– Is the gym close to the user’s home? It might be the nicest, cleanest, most modern facility on the planet, but if it is not close and convenient to get to, the user is probably not going to get to it that often. Most people will not drive more than fifteen minutes to get to a gym. Obviously, if someone lives in a rural setting, this might be unrealistic. In most urban environments, however, the fifteen minute rule is a good measure to go by.

For some users, however, the location might not be as important a consideration. It is not uncommon for someone to join a gym that is nowhere near where they live but is on their way home from work. They can stop and workout on their way into the office or on their way home. This is especially common in larger cities where rush hour traffic can be tedious. Instead of sitting in traffic, the commuter can stop at their gym, work out, and then continue home after the traffic has died down.

2. Child Care– Does the gym provide a safe, fun place for the user’s children? If the potential member is going to be bringing their children to the gym with them, this is a very important consideration. It is always a good idea to ask to see the child care area when there are actually children there. Do they look like they are having a good time? Is the child care worker interacting with the children or sitting in a corner texting on their smartphone? Is the room clean and well lit? When dealing with the issue of child care, the question of cost also comes up. Is the cost of child care included in the membership dues? In most cases it is, but it is best not to assume anything.

3. Classes– What classes does the fitness club provide? Many users join a gym just to take advantage of the different classes. Most health clubs offer many different types of classes such as Spin, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Body Pump, Kickboxing, and many others. If classes are important to the user, then this should be one of the first questions asked. It is also important to know what classes are included in their gym membership and which ones require an additional cost.

4. Personal Trainers– How much do the sessions with a personal trainer cost? For someone who is new to working out, buying a few sessions with a personal trainer is a great idea. The trainer can work with the individual to help them achieve their fitness goals. The price for these sessions can range, in most cases, from thirty five to seventy five dollars a session. Many gyms offer a free session with a personal trainer to a new member. This is an excellent perk that the new member should take advantage of.

5. Test Drive– Does the health club offer a free trial membership? This is a great opportunity for the potential member to use the facility for a few days and see if they are going to be happy there. These free trial memberships usually are from one to seven days. A longer trial is preferred because it gives the potential client a better view of the gym.

6. Cost– How much are the monthly dues? Does the health club require a long-term contract? Signing a long-term gym contract is never a good idea. In most cases, a gym will require a initiation/set up fee and monthly dues. The best situation is when a health club automatically deducts a client’s dues monthly. To cancel a membership usually requires a thirty day notice. Monthly gym dues normally run from twenty five to seventy five dollars a month, depending on what they offer. In some cases, one can get even better deals by paying for a year or two in advance.

By following these simple guidelines, the potential member will be able to pick the health club that is right for them. A gym membership can help someone get into shape, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and make new friends. Don’t rush into a gym membership, but don’t put off joining a gym.

Can you think of anything else someone should look for in a health club?

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