What is On the Other Side of the Door?

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Photo by Richard Rutter
Photo by Richard Rupture

Several years ago, I was speaking at some meetings in England. Our hosts also wanted to show us some of the sights and took us on a couple of incredible tours. Blenheim Palace was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. The palace is made up of hundreds of rooms. Every doorway led to something new.

We also toured Warwick Castle. This castle’s history goes back over a thousand years. It is a great tourist spot now. I was fascinated by the large castle doors. Each interior door took us to something even more interesting than the previous room.

Have you ever thought about how important doors are? They keep the cold out and the warmth in. We lock our doors to keep bad people out. We open the door to welcome guests into our home.

Other types of doors have other meanings. The slam of a jail cell door reminds the person that they are paying a price for bad life decisions. When the boss’ door is closed it generally means that he doesn’t want to be bothered.

Doors also are used to seal off sections of our homes. If we don’t want company to see what a mess our bedroom is, we close the door. We can also do this in our lives. We can seal up bad memories or hurts in some dark room of our heart where we think that no one will ever see them.

Doors can also lead to new and fresh opportunities. To experience these, though, we must actually go through the doorway that leads to the new adventure. How many people have missed out on incredible opportunities and adventures because they were scared to step through the door and try something new?

What about you? Is there a new door that you have been hesitating in front of? What might be possible if you boldly stepped through the door?

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